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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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He was threatened his legs would be blown off with gun PROSECUTION LAWYER court yesterday
Fiona said: "The development and resulting tour of A Little Bird Blown Off Course was a dream come true for me and could only have been improved upon by being given the chance to showcase Margaret Fay Shaw's work to a bigger audience.
I think it's a bit poor that signs have blown off them already.
Around 550 pupils at the school in Ely, Cardiff, were evacuated on Thursday, after the roof of the humanities building was blown off as severe rain and gales hit the country.
Mr Oldfield said: 'As I approached the ground I could feel myself being blown off course.
The North was particularly badly hit with chimneys and roofs being blown off houses.
Almost every roof I saw was either blown off or shingles were blown off, and gutters and downspouts were down.
Anna Kucera's undies were blown off the balcony of her flat next door as they aired overnight.
When it seemed that everything was going to be blown off the stage, Rosica had a moment of panic.
Carbon Hill Junior High School, in Alabama, had its roof blown off.
I met women and children with limbs blown off by land mines, and saw orphaned kids caked in dust with swollen bellies and stick limbs.