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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Almost immediately the wind rose again from pre-cisely the opposite direction from which it had formerly blown, so that it was mighty hard work making progress against it.
But ahead of them was a lane with houses on either side, so evidently the snow had been blown across the road and they had to drive through the drift.
She kept tight hold of the stout slats and as soon as she could get the water out of her eyes she saw that the wind had ripped the cover from the coop, and the poor chickens were fluttering away in every direction, being blown by the wind until they looked like feather dusters without handles.
she thought, more amused than frightened at her sudden change of condition; and then, as the coop climbed up to the top of a big wave, she looked eagerly around for the ship from which she had been blown.
Among the newer developments discussed were next-generation polyols for rigid foams in building and construction and a blowing-agent-enhancing additive for insulation blown with HFC-245fa in appliances and construction.
Session 3 on foaming thermoplastics will include the following presentations: "How to choose a polyolefin grade for physical foaming," Henk Ruinaard, Sabic EuroPetrochemicals BV, The Netherlands; "Flexible polypropylene foam solutions," Manfred Stadlbauer, Rick Folland and Paul De Mink, Borealis GmbH, Austria; "Effects of the convergent-filamentary die geometry on volume expansion of PS foams blown with C[O.
After the mixed sand is blown into the tooling, a catalyst or co-reactant gas is forced into the sand mass to cure the resins or binders.
4) If Juan works 1 hour and Allie works 3 1/2 times as long, how many balloons will they have blown up?
By eliminating certain limitations of conventional fiber optic infrastructuresCo such as the pre-purchase and pre-installation of a certain fiber type and fiber count (dark fiber) that presents the costly risks of having installed too little, too much, or soon-to-be obsolete fiber Co FutureFLEX, installed at the stadium by Kearney Electric of Arizona, allows fiber bundles to be quickly blown at speeds of up to 150 feet per minute when and where fiber is required on an as-needed basis.
This requires an understanding of how the parison falls and how it is captured by the mold and pinched and blown out into the final container shape.
Dobransky, Bayer Polymers LLC; "Novel flame retardants for hydrocarbon blown polyisocyanurate foam," Stephen Falloon, Aaron Atkinson and Randy Roark, Great Lakes Chemical; "Meeting the insulation requirements of the building envelope with polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam," Mary Bogdan, Frank Moore and Jason Hoerter, Honeywell; "Cure kinetics of rigid polyisocyanurate foams," R.
Throughout the CNN facility, fiber can be blown at speeds of up to 150 feet per minute without disruption to CNN's facilities and operations, thereby eliminating the need for cost-prohibitive construction and obtrusive system downtime.