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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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This year, Air Products presented Dabco PM-300, an additive that enhances HFC-245fa blown appliance insulation and appears to have potential in rigid spray foams.
Otherwise, two distinct sections in the container and handle will blow out in direction "B" and the blown sections will meet, creating a web.
Blown Film Market research report Includes 150 pages profiling 8 companies and supported with 98 tables available at .
Complete extrusion lines for corrugated pipe with patented corrugators and dual-wall tooling systems; blown film systems with in-line bagmaking and converting equipment coupled with automatic packaging; and scrap reclaim and pelletizing systems.
New Niax L-6885 was found to be the best performer in cyclopentane blown foams for improving flow, insulation properties, and solubility--a frequent problem with pentanes.
Complete blown film lines including all components for turnkey installations.
An intensive 2-day program devoted to technology developments in blown film ...
In injection blow, a preform is injection molded and then carried to the next station where it is blown into the finished container.
* New types of drives power blown film and tubing extrusion.
In collaboration with additive maker Milliken Chemical, Sidel showed that clear PP dairy and juice bottles can be stretch blown at speeds of 1500 bottles/hr per cavity--a rate competitive with PET.