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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Applications include wiping wire; drying inks and paint; cooling hot extruded shapes; and blowing off water, plating, coatings, and dust.
YA CHOOSE, YA LOSE If you start blowing off your bud just because of her new social circle, then you are the one who is betraying the friendship.
Lyle Friesen--who led the University of Manitoba study and tested the seed from Schmeiser's field for the court case--doesn't doubt that the seed got there by blowing off a truck.
A RUGBY litter action group has toured and inspected a landfill site in Lawford Heath to look for potential problems with plastic and paper blowing off lorries.
SAUGUS - Arson investigators are searching for two vandals who are suspected of setting fires and blowing off manhole covers in residential areas, police said Wednesday.
Whatever you call it--freak dancing, grinding, rub-a-dub, booty dancing, the nasty--more and more students are blowing off the motto "dance face-to-face and leave some space.
Researchers could use this technique to trace dust from many sources, such as storms of sand blowing off the Sahara toward the United States.