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1. infestation of dead or living material with blowfly maggots.
2. subcutaneous inflation of a carcass of meat with compressed air in an attempt to facilitate skinning with least damage. Forbidden in most countries.

Patient discussion about blowing

Q. Does sleeping with a fan blowing on your body cause arthritis? My wife believes that our children will become arthritic later in life if they sleep with a fan circulating air in their bedroom at night. I disagree. The kids are very uncomfortable in sometimes humid evenings, where we don't feel the need to run the air conditioning in the entire house. Is there any scientific basis for her beliefs? Is their a definitive link between the root cause of arthritis and fans blowing/circulating air on the body?

A. Sorry to disappoint your wife but there’s absolutely no connection…I can tell you I slept with fans most of my childhood and adult life and I don’t have arthritis. She probably wants the air condition on through the night so she finds excuses ;)

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Ecomate is completely miscible with other blowing agents and is said to provide insulation value between that of HFC-245fa and pentanes.
This event is said to bring together major blowing agent manufacturers and suppliers, processors, end users and academics to present an insight into the latest industrial progress in foam production.
GMPT's Manufacturing Analysis Group worked with the Defiance, Ohio-based GMPT foundry to validate the core modeling software on a production core blowing machine.
No citations have been issued, even though trains still are blowing their horns.
Features: Linear or caterpillar oven (depending on model); wheel-type stretching and blowing system; PC controller running Windows NT.
Industry issues sessions will address key regulatory and policy issues and market opportunities for the polyurethanes industry in chemical security, automotive, blowing agents, footwear and combustibility.
Offers AccelMax endothermic chemical blowing agent concentrates including products for PE rotomold parts: BA-RM pellets can be mixed with PE powder to foam the core of a multilayer product, while BA-RMP powder can be mixed with powdered PE to foam monolayer walls.
Technical sessions will be held on environmental, testing, construction, automotive low VOC emissions, automotive fundamentals, automotive seating, blowing agents, innovations and new applications in CASE, furnishings and appliance.
Air-blown fiber(R) allows for quick and easy fiber installation and re-routing by blowing fiber bundles through a network of tubes at speeds of 100 to 150 feet per minute to anywhere in and around the track where fiber is needed.
Then an other magnetic system ensures proper positioning for blowing (see illustration on p.
Dimensional analysis of the expansion characteristics of cellular expanded (sponge) compositions can accurately quantify effects of ingredient changes such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers, blowing agents, activators and cure systems.
As the leading manufacturer of quality blown-in fiber glass insulation products, we couldn't have found a better match in the leading producer of insulation blowing machines in the country," said Bruce Cowgill, president of CertainTeed's Insulation Group.