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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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A more positive account of blowhole colostomy in recent times is given by an American center in a case series of seventeen patients that underwent this procedure with or without ileostomy between 1983 and 2001 [9].
Blowholes are formed through small openings in the ground through which air will blow out or suck in.
They are generally larger than toothed whales and have two blowholes. Rather than teeth, they have large plates of keratin that act as a giant sieve or strainer.
There is another whale blowing water out of the blowhole on its back.
Workers at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, noticed last year that one of their animals had learned to expel air from its blowhole and create a silvery ring of bubbles with a flick of its head.
The hedge was not overgrown; in fact, Zac had lovingly sculpted it into a whale shape complete with blowhole and white-flowering shrubby exhalation.
Two British scientists proposed in a new "blowhole theory" that gases trapped under the surface when suddenly set free would form craters resembling those observed on the moon.
I remember as I was growing up if there was a problem with a broken tile or a blowhole, Grandpa would call the local handyman to come help him dig it up and repair it.
A missing holiday-maker was washed into heavy seas after climbing down cliffs to look at a "blowhole", police said.
The combined weight of pots and rope was pulling her down into the water, forcing her to struggle to keep her blowhole above the water.
The group's website said the blowhole was about 2ft under the surface of the mud after it had dug itself in while thrashing around.
He had gone for a late-night walk on Tuesday when he fell into the 60ft-wide blowhole, which was not fenced off.