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Referring to the lacy neurofibrillary material present in the center of the rosettes of neuroblastomas, ganglioneuroblastomas and benign ganglioneuromas, which corresponds to 6–10-nm cytoplasmic filaments, cell processes with microtubules, rare dense core granules, synaptic vesicles, cell junction material
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Paula Radcliffe says it is time to blow away the cobwebs and 'find out where I'm at' in terms of her preparation for the Olympic Games when she leads Britain's women in the European Cup here this weekend.
But Keegan's biggest concern will be whether Seaman can blow away the cobwebs that plagued him in the first half.
Take time to exercise - taking a walk in the fresh air will not only blow away the cobwebs, it will help you tone up and get fit.
Blow away the cobwebs on Boxing Day with a stroll along the nature trail or around Warmwell's attractive fishing lakes - or join in with a game of football or basketball on the multi-sports courts.
A BLOW away the cobwebs ramble will be held by the four Catholic parishes in Redcar, Marske and Saltburn on Sunday December 29, taking in the Captain Cook monument, near Great Ayton.
Just the kind of day when you want to wrap up warm and head out with the family for a much needed walk to blow away the cobwebs and burn off a few of those calories.
Walk organiser Ute Smith said: "It's a great day out and an opportunity to blow away the cobwebs and walk off the excesses of Christmas.
He hadn't run in a sprint since his trial days as a pup at Waterford at the end of 2009, and Calvert and owners Jonathan Brett, Robert Hall and Bobby Hutt were just hoping for a clean run that would help blow away the cobwebs.
His major early-season target will be the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury at the end of the month, but Meade is keen to get a run into him to blow away the cobwebs.
It's just a chance to blow away the cobwebs and keep in touch," said Keogh.
But if you really want to blow away the cobwebs, try canyoning.
The three-day match against a Patrons team in Rawalpindi, starting on Monday, will not be accorded first-class status, as England try to blow away the cobwebs of seven weeks' inertia.