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The transfer of protein, RNA or DNA molecules from a thick acrylamide or agarose gel to a paper like membrane—usually nylon or nitrocellulose—by capilliarity or an electric field, preserving the spatial arrangement
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C, Expression levels of proliferation- associated proteins were assessed by western blot analysis. D, Percentage of apoptotic cells was measured by flow cytometry.
Western blot analysis of brain homogenates from dromedaries 4 and 8 revealed [PrP.sup.Sc] with a [PrP.sup.res] showing the classical electrophoretic profile, characterized by 3 main bands representing diglycosylated, monoglycosylated, and unglycosylated [PrP.sup.res] (Figure 3, panel A).
(b) The total protein was extracted from the lung tissue of mice for Western blot analysis. (c, d) The expression of pSmad2 and pSmad3 in the lung tissue of mice was determined by Western blot analysis, with GAPDH as an internal reference (* P < 0.05 versus control group, (#) P < 0.05 versus Ova-treated group).
Caption: Figure 5: Western blot analysis of the dopamine-denervated striatum in rats treated with levodopa plus zonisamide (n = 4) and levodopa only (n = 6).
First, the efficacy of the ERK inhibitor U0126 and of the p38MAPK inhibitor SB202190 was confirmed by Western blot analysis of ERK and p38 phosphorylation levels after treatment with KGF in the presence or not of each inhibitor (Figures 3(d) and 3(e)).
We also examined protein expression of IL-1[beta] and MMP-13 under CTS for 24 h using Western blot analysis. As shown in Figure 5, the addition of Sema3A significantly and dose-dependently inhibited expression of IL-1[beta] and MMP-13.
The detection of [PrP.sup.Sc] mimics the established procedures used for definitive diagnosis of CJD from brain tissue, whereby an aliquot of the PMCA product after each cycle is digested with proteinase K and subjected to Western blot analysis for detection of PrP.
Western Blot Analysis. Cytosolic extracts were prepared as described previously [39], with slight modifications.
(a) The expression levels of NOX4 were determined via Western blot analysis. [beta]-actin was selected as the loading control.
The p53 protein expression in HepG2 and Hep3B cells was first checked by Western blot analysis (Figure 1).
(b) Expression of the smooth muscle cell (SMC) related markers ([alpha]-SMA, h1- calponin, and SM22[alpha]) and CRBP-1 was detected by Western blot analysis. (c) Statistical analysis of the Western blot results.