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David, 20th-century U.S. dermatologist. See: Bloom syndrome.


an overabundant growth of algae, often resulting from nutrient enrichment.


1. the general appearance of the surface. In carcass meat it is the glistening, transparent effect and the gentle pink color that gives a good bloom to the carcass. It is the result of proper tissue hydration coupled with the correct proportions of fat, connective tissue and superficial layers of muscle.
2. appearance of the haircoat, usually taken to mean the gloss, luster and quality.
3. on stagnant water the collection of colored algae is called water bloom (see algae, algal poisoning).

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Q. How the fetus is influenced from Bloom syndrome? If the mother has the syndrome, what is the influence on the fetus?

A. this is from:

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Check out this video of a 2016 bloom in Utah Lake to see how quickly blooms can expand.
AECOM, a premier, fully integrated global infrastructure firm, and BLOOM Holdings, LLC, a materials development company, have announced a strategic teaming agreement to deploy technology to mitigate harmful algal blooms.
Some of these blooms may appear light green, blue-green, have white streaks, or can look like paint spills or pea soup, and they indicate a problem.
The earlier blooms were taking place in areas where ice concentrations had dwindled and created gaps.
Huge algal blooms in the Indian Ocean dance to their own rhythm.
Wyevale, the Hereford-based garden centre chain, has announced a twin strategy which will see it using the Blooms of Bressingham name it bought earlier this year.
Harmful algal blooms that produce domoic acid are increasing, possibly due to warming ocean waters and human impacts such as farm and sewage runoff.
By the late 1930s, Blooms Nurseries had become the largest of its kind in the UK.
Buds and blooms are bursting into colour in Saltburn as the town prepares for floral contest judges to make their annual visit.
Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange and other brilliant works, proselytized tirelessly for Joyce's work, producing television documentaries and a musical, The Blooms of Dublin, to little avail.
When we were through, she smiled in tired satisfaction and kept only a couple of the rattier blooms for herself.

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