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in radiology, a change in size of the focal spot, usually an increase.


an increase in x-ray focal spot size due to electrostatic repulsion.


Process of depositing a thin film of transparent material on the surface of an optical element (e.g. lens, mirror, prism) for the purpose of decreasing or increasing reflection. Reflection from specific wavelengths can be reduced or eliminated by varying the thickness of the film and by multilayer coating. Syn. blooming. See anti-reflection coating; white body; bandpass filter; Fresnel's formula.

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Q. How the fetus is influenced from Bloom syndrome? If the mother has the syndrome, what is the influence on the fetus?

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Foliar application of MLE at the start of blooming on conventional cotton cultivar produced maximum specific leaf weight against the minimum recorded in Bt cotton cultivar, where MC was applied at 45 days after blooming in Multan (Table 1).
The crop achieved the maximum absolute growth rate with foliar application of combined growth regulators at 45 days after blooming in Bt cotton cultivar at Multan (Fig.
It helps to have a fully bloomed tea in a teapot as part of your display, and you may even want to feature different blooming teas throughout the day.
PromotionWhen deciding which blooming tea products are right for you, be sure to consider promotional materials that will help your business succeed.
When unexpected events, like the Titan Arum blooming, drive extreme spikes in demand, the ability to instantly scale site capacity is critical," said Frank Cabri, Director of Marketing at CacheFlow "Because CacheFlow appliances can be deployed quickly and simply, they offer a great way to scale a web site for such peak traffic events.
A related species in the family is the Giant Arum, Dracontium gigas, which is also blooming UW-Botany greenhouses.
Although the library trees usually bloom in February, they are blooming late this year, with only a few blossoms in time for the festival.
Already, flowers are blooming at the southern end of the 3.
Flowers are carpeting the ground on some hillsides in Los Angeles and Ventura counties and bright yellow giant coreopsis are blooming on the coast.
The color spectrum of penstemon includes every shade of pink, red, purple and blue with selected species blooming in yellow and red-orange as well.
To keep your plants blooming, you will want to fertilize them frequently throughout the growing season.
For blooming natives that stay around 2 feet in height I would recommend Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium), golden currant (Ribes aureum) and low-growing California lilac (Ceanothus) varieties.

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