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adj. blood·ier, blood·iest
1. Stained with blood.
2. Of, characteristic of, or containing blood.

blood′i·ly adv.
blood′i·ness n.


Referring to blood; of the nature of blood—e.g., bloody excretions, bloody sweat.
Vox populi-UK
Damned (darned).

Vox populi-US
Smeared or stained with blood.

bloody, blood in

pertaining to or deriving from blood.

bloody feces
see dysentery, melena.
bloody guts
see proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy.
bloody milk
bloody urine
bloody vomit
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But the Bloody Mary can be more than just a pick-me-up.
Nina's Gold Medal winning Bloody Mary Mix was the best tasting Bloody Mary Mix at the 2014 International Review of Spirits Competition.
He was a modest real working class gentleman and an unsung hero, a bloody good soldier.
For mixers, customers can opt for Nick & Toni's organic Bloody Mary mix or Knudsen's organic tomato juice.
Project Description: The Bloody Brook Drainage District was formed in the mid 1970%s to mitigate flooding impacts from Bloody Brook that conveys storm water from the Donlin Drive area to Onondaga Lake near Griffin Field.
The interviews will form part of a murder investigation announced by the PSNI in 2012 into the Bloody Sunday killings.
IT'S National Cocktail Week next week (October 7-13) and to celebrate, Tabasco Pepper Sauce has teamed up with this year's 'hottest' mixologist and winner of The Tabasco British Bloody Mary Challenge, Gareth Evans, pictured top, of London's Social Eating House, to create a twist on the classic Bloody Mary.
Here's how to mix it: Gareth Evans' Mexican Sun Ingredients 50ml Don Julio blanco 50ml yellow tomato juice 50ml carrot juice 25ml 'bloody marvellous' ' mix To make the bloody marvellous mix take 1 bottle Green Tabasco Pepper Sauce, 300ml Worcestershire Sauce, 1/2 a chipotle pepper, 200ml lime juice, 100ml pink grapefruit juice, 6 sprigs coriander, 2 tsp smoked salt and blend and strain.
RAWALPINDI -- Rising incidents of bloody robberies in the areas of Shahzad town and airport police have sparked harassment among the residents.
No need to seek out a Sunday brunch for the perfect Bloody Mary Now that Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning is available in supermarkets, consumers can create excellent Bloody Marys in their own kitchens.
So, if you scratch a dry nose while you sleep--you could end up with a bloody nose.
There was just one small change in the Hands Across The Divide sculpture Protestant leaders gave to Bloody Sunday families last week, but it made all the difference in the world.