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Cruel; sanguinary; murderous
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Lieberman and his soldiers are borne on the tides of hatred for Arabs, hatred of democracy and the rule of law, and the stink of nationalism, racism and bloodthirstiness.
Of course The Mikado is all about England really so it is a very gentlemanly bloodthirstiness, very good manners.
Both are linked by bloodthirstiness, high intelligence, a totalitarian mindset, iron will, fanatical ideological motivation, political charisma, superb tactical skills, utter ruthlessness, and--above all--undeterrability.
It was in this way that arose the tales of the continual drunkenness of the king, of the bloodthirstiness of the queen, of the utter wickedness of the palace in general.
The poem ends with the death of one of her sons, Charles IX, ill of the bloody flux that here, as so often, is read as just punishment for his bloodthirstiness, and with the wish that England receive this warning.
What more need he look for--Jew moneylender/usurer, clannishness, bloodthirstiness, all here?
Motive utilitarianism is liable to the most extreme of counterexamples; it can be argued that "An industrialist's greed, a general's bloodthirstiness, may on some occasions have better consequences on the whole than kinder motives would, and even predictably so" (Adams 480).
The days of civic bloodthirstiness in which kings as well as criminals were beheaded in the public square have given way to a society that has quelled any tendency to ferocity or resistance.
Filmer also offers a great time-saver for anti-democrats: a compendium of all slurs against popular government, which remains remarkably current in its images of bloodthirstiness, libido dominandi, shirking, opportunism, and, for good measure, craven submission to the powerful.
He regarded Edmund as a nonentity; his determination to hound his apostate son conveyed rabid bloodthirstiness.
Lady Macbeth's determined bloodthirstiness and ambition emerge out of her mother's thwarted ambition and her father's easygoing neglect of the opportunity to correct his daughter's political scheming by attaching her more firmly to him by ties of emotion and duty.