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Slaughter; the act of shedding human blood or taking life, as in war or murder
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Moscow, (SANA)- Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed Russia will make every effort for the international Geneva 2 conference on Syria to succeed in launching dialogue among the Syrian sides and ceasing bloodshed in the country.
In an E-statement, the facility said the world community is a partner in the bloodshed in Syria as it has done nothing to stop killings and displacement in the impoverished country.
Summary: Speaker Nabih Berri warned Sunday of what he termed "a continuing scheme aimed at dismembering and partitioning several Arab states and plunging them into bloodshed and civil wars."
Two people were shot dead in the unrest, but the violence was on a much smaller scale than the nationwide bloodshed that followed the 2007 election when the western city of Kisumu was one of the places worst affected places by deadly riots.
Egyptians will participate in a global candlelight vigil on Thursday demanding a peaceful resolution to ongoing mass bloodshed in Syria, two years after the conflict erupted.
Judeh reiterated Jordan's stance which calls for a political solution that would put an end to the bloodshed in Syria and enhance its territorial integrity.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Vice President Khudier al-Khuzaai said on Thursday that Iraq supports peaceful solutions to stop bloodshed in Syria, according to a statement released from his office.
Amid the flurry of diplomatic activity, Syrian bloodshed does not seem to cease.
ANKARA, July 27, 2011 (TUR) -- Chairman of the Syria Friendship, Culture, Solidarity, Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (SURSIAD), Yasar Aydin, said Wednesday that "while no one approved the bloodshed and tears in Syria, they believed that it was Bashar al-Assad who could end the bloodshed and tears in Syria".
--Call for End to Bloodshed; Voice of Reason and Serious Reforms Are Needed
SANA'A, April 28 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh has renewed the acceptation of the Gulf Cooperation Council mediation to resolve the crisis in Yemen, pointing out that the government will sign a Gulf initiative in order to avoid the bloodshed and end the chaos and protesters that had paralyzed development and worried citizens.