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The direct line of descent; a pedigree.
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He had been visiting New Market auction besides some other places, meeting vendors and experts in the line to enrich his stud with best available bloodlines, always a continuing process.
MWD handlers see the effects of the breeding efforts in the FFalcor bloodline in their own dogs.
The sale will see buyers have the chance to buy some of the very best French, Dutch and UK Limousin bloodlines.
Take a random look at the lot of newcomers we have had in recent times and you realise how much bloodline rules in Bollywood.
The discovery of the Welsh bloodline (from Pentraeth) in Newborough is wonderful and reinforces the national importance of that site as a red squirrel stronghold.
TATA DOCOMO customers can join Bloodline Club by sending an SMS 'JOIN ' to 54321 (toll free).
Today, by contrast, the eugenicists have been long silenced, and healthy parenting, not a healthy bloodline, is deemed vital for family and society alike.
Bloodlines has similarities with the documentary, Inheritance, shown on PBS in late 2008.
The idea of a divine bloodline in our world is fuel for many a story.
By tradition of the Aga Khan bloodline, he's thus a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
The story line is familiar, so success is assured as the writer, former vice president of Sun Microsystems, mines the personal history of her family's bloodline to create her sophomore effort, Red River.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's office seems unconcerned about the recent release of his comments regarding a Latina legislator's hot-blooded bloodline.