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adj. blood·ier, blood·iest
1. Stained with blood.
2. Of, characteristic of, or containing blood.

blood′i·ly adv.
blood′i·ness n.


Referring to blood; of the nature of blood—e.g., bloody excretions, bloody sweat.
Vox populi-UK
Damned (darned).

Vox populi-US
Smeared or stained with blood.

bloody, blood in

pertaining to or deriving from blood.

bloody feces
see dysentery, melena.
bloody guts
see proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy.
bloody milk
bloody urine
bloody vomit
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By that time, the cigarchomping Sylvester Stallone and his gung-ho band had made it clear their intention was to deliver even bigger bangs and bloodier mayhem than the first time round.
Jackpot is considerably bloodier, funnier and grittier than Hollywood's last sports-betting thriller, Lay the Favourite.
With incidental details including everything from a Volvo belly tattoo to Def Leppard T-shirt, hammer and pigs, Jackpot is considerably bloodier, funnier and grittier than Hollywood's last sports-betting thriller, Lay the Favourite.
It's the natural course of democracy, which will get nastier and bloodier every day--unless and until we stop initiating political force.
Under a veneer of normalcy that should be the envy of other Arab nations mired in bloodier and shakier transitions, the economic and social causes that sparked the uprising a year and a half ago are far from resolved or even adequately addressed of discussed, cautioned the NGO specialised in analysis of crisis situations.
The onus is on him to respect the Annan plan and order his troops to hold their fire so that a solution can be found, otherwise the scenario could well turn bloodier with an increase in human rights abuses and a risk of a full-scale civil war, which could be deadly, not only for Syria but also for its neighbor -- Lebanon, where Syria has great influence.
It isn't in the interests of Russia, it's not in anyone's interests, for Syria to descend into an even bloodier situation and into a full-scale civil war and that's now the danger," Mr Hague added.
The Murle and Luo-Nuer have long exchanged cattle raiding attacks but with the proliferation of small arms, after more than two decades of civil war, it has become bloodier.
Joey gives an early hint of his indefatigability by successfully ploughing the farm's rock-strewn bottom field but soon bloodier fields are beckoning.
The revolt has become bloodier with army deserters and other rebels under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) umbrella taking up arms against security forces dominated by Assad's minority Alawite sect, pushing Sunni Muslim-majority Syria closer to civil war.
ONE of the bloodier aspects of the True Blue conflab was confirmation to cull 30,000 badgers in the eternal debate over TB transmission to cattle.