blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier

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blood-ce·re·bro·spi·nal flu·id bar·ri·er

, blood-CSF barrier
a barrier located at the tight junctions that surround and connect the cuboidal epithelial cells on the surface of the choroid plexus; capillaries and connective tissue stroma of the choroid do not represent a barrier to protein tracers or dyes.
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One way in which blood-CSF barrier breaches might be readily (and noninvasively) revealed is by having Fonar Upright MRI scans done of sALS patients.
Since measurement of total protein levels in the CSF may show normal results despite a blood-CSF barrier dysfunction [19], the albumin CSF-serum concentration quotient (QAlb) was analysed.
The CSF/serum diagrams demonstrated a moderate disturbance of the blood-CSF barrier and a substantial intrathecal IgM synthesis of 27.6% (6.15 mg/L) but no intrathecal IgA or IgG synthesis.
Unfortunately, the author still focuses on the older models of blood-CSF barrier function ("serum leak"), while struggling with the models derived from current understanding of biophysics and protein dynamics.
These findings indicate that both the ST1 and ST104 strains cause bacteremia and sepsis but that the ST1 strains are more likely to cross the blood-CSF barrier and subsequently result in meningitis.
We included only CSF samples showing no or only minor contamination with erythrocytes (<150/[micro]L), no intrathecal humoral or cellular immune response, and normal or only slightly disturbed blood-CSF barrier as measured by albumin quotient.