blood test

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blood test

1. An analysis of a sample of blood, especially for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
2. The process of obtaining blood for such a test: went to the clinic for a blood test.
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blood test

A highly nonspecific term for any test performed on peripheral blood, in contrast to urine or other body fluid.
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blood test

Lab medicine Any test performed on the blood, in contrast to urine or other body fluid. See Bilirubin, BUN, Calcium, CBC, Cholesterol, Metabolic panel, Glucose, Phosphorus, Protein, Uric acid.
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Q. is there a blood test for melatonin

A. Technically there is but it is not a simple blood test and will not be done on a regular basis, and is probably very expenisve also.

Q. how do i do blood test? and how do i read it straight and what conclusions can i get out of it?

A. In order to do a blood test you must get a referral from your doctor. You can conclude many things from a simple blood test- for instance, if you are suffering from anemia, an infection, high levels of fat ro cholesterol, sugar levels and more.

Q. aftrer completing interferon treatment for HCV it's showing up negitive in blood test,does it get any better? I completed Interferon treatment for HCV four years ago. It has come negitive in my blood work scence. Does it get any better? I;m haveing a hard time building my stamina back up to pre treatment Is there any hope of getting it back, my strenth and stamina? I'm 65 yrs. and counting. I'd like to count a lot longer. Thak You in advance, gff

A. Unfortunately, the risk of chronic infection after an acute episode of hepatitis C is high. In most studies, 80 to 100 percent of patients remain HCV-RNA positive, and 60 to 80 percent have persistently elevated liver enzymes. The rate of spontaneous clearance of virus after it has persisted for at least six months is very low. In one study, for example, 142 HCV antibody-negative patients during eight years of follow-up, showed seroconversion (going from negative to positive) in 30 percent. You should keep getting tested on a regular basis, and hopefully your antibodies will remain negative. Meanwhile focus on living a otherwise healthy life. If you eat properyly and exercise often you can bulid up some energy that you feel you've lost.

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Booking online appointments for blood tests have been described as 'atrocious' and demands have been made for action to be taken.
With the exception of blood cancers, blood tests generally cannot absolutely tell whether you have cancer or some other noncancerous condition, but they can give your physician clues about what is going on inside your body.
"Our blood test may … have a transformative potential to facilitate the development of effective drugs for Alzheimer's disease," Katsuhiko Yanagisawa, director-general of the Japanese National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology's research institute, said in a statement.
The CancerSEEK blood test looks for eight proteins and 16 genes that tend to be released by cancerous tumors.
Dr Gert Attard, of the Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: "This is the Holy Grail - a blood test to diagnose cancer without all the other procedures."
Dr Nicholas Turner, from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said: "We have shown how a simple blood test has the potential to accurately predict which patients will relapse from breast cancer, much earlier than we can currently.
The blood test developed by the UCLA team helps to predict the presence of these blood proteins.
"The doctors will decide after looking at the blood test report if Hussain is medically fit to be interviewed by the police or not," the statement had said.
Two kinds of immunologic methods are used for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: tuberculin skin tests (TSTs) and interferon-y release assay (IGRA) blood tests. The indications for use of these tests are the same, although one or the other method is preferred for certain populations (1), and this could play a role in setting priorities when one of the methods is unavailable.
As you can see by my latest blood test result reprinted on page 18 of this issue, I have achieved optimized status on most of my cardiac risk factors.
"In a perfect world, a urine test would be far easier for us to deal with and administer than a blood test," Adolpho Birch, NFL vice president of labor policy and player development, told the AP.
The case is the first recorded instance of a professional athlete being suspended for failing a blood test for HGH and immediately sparked speculation in this country on when such testing would be implemented in baseball.