blood serum

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, pl.




(sē'rum, -ŭmz, -ă), Avoid the colloquial or jargonistic use of this word in the sense of 'any biologic agent' ("allergy serum") or 'any injected drug' ("truth serum").
1. A clear, watery fluid, especially that moistening the surface of serous membranes, or exuded in inflammation of any of those membranes.
2. The fluid portion of the blood obtained after removal of the fibrin clot and blood cells, distinguished from the plasma in circulating blood. Sometimes used as a synonym for antiserum or antitoxin.
[L. whey]

blood serum

See serum.

blood serum

See serum.

blood serum

The liquid part of the blood (blood plasma) with the protein which forms during clotting (fibrin) removed. Serum remains liquid.
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Fig. 75 Blood serum . The fractions of blood serum.

blood serum



a fraction of the blood consisting of BLOOD PLASMA from which FIBRINOGEN (a clotting factor) has been removed.

Blood serum

A component of blood.
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blood serum

the residual fluid of blood after clotting has occurred. It is plasma after the fibrinogen has been removed. It contains solutes of proteins, electrolytes, waste products, dissolved gases, hormones, enzymes, antibodies and water.
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