blood relative

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blood rel·a·tive

(blŭd rel'ă-tiv),
A popular term describing a relative of a person sharing a common ancestor. No special importance attaches to the blood as a vehicle of inheritance. Spouses are not ordinarily blood relatives and when they are, the marriage is consanguineous and carries a higher risk than average of progeny homozygous by descent from ancestors in common. Such marriages are discouraged and within certain degrees of kindred may be illegal.
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Pryor suggests getting screened for diabetes at age 30 if you are overweight, African American, have a blood relative with diabetes or any combination of the above.
QE transplant co-ordinator Mark Gordon said: 'I think a lot of people don't realise you can be a live donor even if you are not a blood relative.
If a blood relative of a person listed on the QLTR's website list of 'estates reported to the QLTR but not yet determined if a UH estate or formally accepted as one', wishes to claim an estate, they should contact the QLTR office, contact details as follows: The QLTR Office, Unit 5, 14 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AZ Telephone number - 0131 243 3210 Email -
Ayham said, "The problem that erupted between me and the snake (referring to his sister) is not a personal matter, but rather one of betraying one's country." "One's nation is more important than any blood relative or any other thing," he added.
"For someone who is not even a blood relative to even think about doing this is amazing.
FORMER Plaid Cymru president Dafydd Wigley is a blood relative of Murray the Hump, a gangster henchman of Al Capone who specialised in blackmail, extortion, racketeering and murder.
Lawyers for Frank Gilford - whose sister Yvonne was killed in Saudi Arabia - said the Australian was her blood relative and heir.
The two men feel Tyka, 55, believes she is entitled to a greater proportion of Prince's assets as she is Prince's only full blood relative, sources say.
Any blood relative of a person listed on the available for claim estate list on the QLTR QL website, who wishes to claim that person's estate should apply to the Commissary Department of the Sheriff Court in the area in which the person lived, for appointment as executor-dative on the basis that he or she is a specified blood relative of the person and for the Confirmation to the estate.
If you don't do this, your estate will go to your closest blood relative, rather than your partner, if you die.