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The data and detailed report on methodology and results are available at the NIPS and Measure DHS website.8,9 Data were analyzed in terms of weighted prevalence (proportions), their 95% confidence intervals, and design-based statistical associations between blood relationship with husband and various violent behaviours using Pearson Chi-Square test using STATA 14.
The social support system can be divided into external support and internal support according to the main body of the support, the main body of the external support refers to the government and non-governmental organizations, the subject of internal support refers to the support based on the geographical relationship and the support of the blood relationship. At present, the main point of view is that the two element of household registration system is an obstacle to urban integration of migrant workers, so the government should abolish this system as soon as possible.
Blood relationship sticks together in a form of bondage, 'people who share same blood protect each other in the times of need.
Cotton, once described as a 'magazine of history', was acquainted with Rubens and claimed a blood relationship with James I, for whom he had contrived monuments to the Scottish royal house.
People who try to claim are required to provide evidence of their blood relationship in the form of birth, marriage and death certificates, along with evidence of their identity.
11 denied his client's association with Al-Qaeda, adding that his link with one of the terrorists was simply blood relationship. He said the presence of the client's wife and children in the car was not to cover his back as he transported weapons, adding that the weapons were brought for his relative and not for any terrorist activity.
James Paice wrote to social services, saying: "I cannot understand how somebody of no blood relationship can be considered for custody over a blood relative."
Father Nigel (that's a blood relationship rather than news that the trainer has been ordained) was mindful that Little Josh was an indifferent jumper last season and gave Sam the order, "keep asking him and asking him at the fences".
The loss is bad enough; the loss to a junior figure - both in blood relationship and political ranking - could be a very hard thing for Milliband senior to come to terms with.
"These prohibitions are based on blood relationship including half blood - half blood means having one parent in common."
Continuing on in this vain family life-cycle stages are also examined in terms of the importance of the blood relationship of the family unit and those who contributed to the enterprise.