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blood groups

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Q. HIV - does it infect specific Blood Types? A friend of mine joined the army and they took him to an experiment and infected him with HIV. But he was not infected- he said because he has a certain blood type. Is this true?

A. HIV, as all other viruses need specific cells,s surface proteins which called receptors,in case of HIV these receptors are found in certain WBCs that known as T-helper cells which named as T4 cells. All humans have these T4 cells but some people lack the receptor that necessary for virus attachment and pentration of the cell which leeds to the inablity of the virus to cause infection and become a target for the immune system. But they c can infect other suseptable people.

Q. Is it true that people with different blood type should have different diets?

A. I myself believe that that theory was kind of "psychological" advise : if you believe on it, then you do it, then you will have positive result. But I agree with violet that there is still none appropriate study to prove that theory.
And by the way, what "eat diet according to your blood type" suggests most likely are full lists of healthy foods, so I do believe if you follow a healthy diet program (doesn't have to be blood-type-diet), you will have a healthy life indeed..
Stay healthy always..

Q. is it possible to change my blood type from ab to ab-?

A. not really no...i mean there's a possibility if you'll have bone marrow and liver transplant-,26278,23106284-5007185,00.html

and immunologically there shouldn't be a problem, because the body will react to an addition of proteins but not the lack of them (Rh-). but i fail to see why you want to do that.

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Evaluation of blood groups, bleeding time and clotting time are the most important and initial haematological parameters.
She said that in Oman, this is very challenging as there is a significant number of sickle cell disease patients and some have multiple RBC antibodies who require transfusion of rare blood groups. 'Strategies are made to reduce the incidence of RBC alloimmunisation in sickle cell disease including giving these patients phenotype matched blood for the Rh blood group and Kell to reduce the risk of developing antibodies against these antigens.
Corresponding to several kinds of inherited traits, blood groups are also genetically pre- determined and thus have a strong relationship with certain diseases including diabetes.
Table 1: Distribution of ABO and Rh blood group types Blood Groups Number of cases A positive 10 B positive 18 B negative 3 AB positive 4 O positive 14 A negative 1 Total 50 Table 2: Distribution of mean and standard deviation of LDL among various blood groups Blood group Mean LDL Standard deviation A positive 88.49 20.17 A negative 84.00 0 AB positive 121.47 30.62 B positive 104.82 29.85 B negative 127.06 25.13 O positive 102.39 19.24 LDL: Low-density lipoprotein Table 3: Distribution of mean and standard deviation of HDL among various blood groups Blood group Mean HDL Standard deviation A positive 44.3500 1.4509 A negative 43.0000 0 AB positive 45.0250 1.2659 B positive 43.9611 1.6461 B negative 44.20000 1.9287 O positive 44.2286 1.1579 HDL: High-density lipoprotein
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"To keep supplies at safe levels overall in Scotland, we need 470 donors each day and all blood groups are needed to support patients.
And with Christmas Day falling on what is traditionally one of the strongest collection days of the week, it is asking donors to ensure they know their blood group and come forward now so that stocks continue to build in the run up to the festive season.
FRIDAY, May 18, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The EtpA adhesion molecule, which is secreted by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) strain H10407, is a dominant ETEC blood group A-specific lectin/hemagglutinin, according to a study published online May 17 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
Frequencies and percentages were calculated for categorical variables like blood groups and genders.
There are four blood groups - A, AB, B and O - each of which will be either rhesus negative or rhesus positive.
A number of authors published papers suggesting an association of various diseases with particular blood groups (8).
However, overweight and obesity were not associated with ABO blood groups or Rhesus in this study contrary to the view of some reports.