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On behalf of the blood donors, Umme Salma Mousumi and on behalf the blood recipients thalassemia patient Nargis Akhtar spoke at the function, the release said.
the safest way to ensure the continuity, sufficiency, sustainability and security of blood supplies and is based on the principle of voluntary non-remunerated donations of blood and blood components by a pool of regular blood donors from low risk populations.
Results: A total of 54,877 blood donors were screened for HIV by Chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA), of which 75 (0.
Provincial Health Officer Romulo Gaerlan explained the significance of the day rallying more blood donors so that there will be ready stock of accessible and safe blood in the province.
This is of particular importance in Europe where the average age is increasing dramatically, thus, in this way, we are able to continuously replace blood donors over 65 years of age," the announcement said.
He stressed that voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors who donated blood regularly were integral to safe, adequate and sustainable blood supply.
The aim of the framework is to strengthen national blood donor programs to build a stable pool of the safest possible blood donors.
Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, was held ahead of the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD 2017) being observed worldwide every 14 June.
Additionally, throughout the year, 361 blood donation campaigns were hosted by corporate entities and organisations," said Siddiqa Ismail al-Mahmoudi manager, HMC's Blood Donor Center.
The present study was, therefore, undertaken to explore the first step of this issue by observing the prevalence of anemia and its associated demographic risk factors in the individuals of Rohilkhand region registering as prospective blood donors at the medical institute.
Analysis of the data on the prevalence of TTI among blood donors helps in the assessment of risk of TTI.
And people across the North East are being urged to commit to saving lives by registering as new blood donors during the Missing Type campaign.