blood corpuscle

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any small mass or body. adj., adj corpus´cular.
blood corpuscle blood cell.
colostrum c's large rounded bodies in colostrum, containing droplets of fat and sometimes a nucleus.
Krause's corpuscle end-bulb.
malpighian corpuscle the funnel-like structure constituting the beginning of the structural unit of the kidney (nephron) and comprising the malpighian capsule and its partially enclosed glomerulus. Called also renal corpuscle.
Meissner's corpuscle tactile corpuscle.
Purkinje's c's large, branched nerve cells composing the middle layer of the cortex of the cerebellum.
red corpuscle (red blood corpuscle) erythrocyte.
renal corpuscle malpighian corpuscle.
tactile corpuscle a medium-sized nerve ending in the skin, particularly the fingertips and lips; called also Meissner's corpuscle and tactile papilla.
white corpuscle (white blood corpuscle) leukocyte.

blood cell

one of the cells of the blood, a leukocyte or erythrocyte.
Synonym(s): blood corpuscle

blood corpuscle

Etymology: AS, blod + L, corpusculum, little body
an old term for a blood cell, an erythrocyte, a leukocyte, and sometimes a thrombocyte.

blood corpuscle

A virtually extinct term for any cell which is normally present in the peripheral circulation such as the, red corpuscle (red blood cell) and white corpuscle (white blood cell or leukocyte).

blood corpuscle

a white or red BLOOD cell suspended in a watery matrix, the plasma.

Patient discussion about blood corpuscle

Q. what is a normal red blood cell count for breast cancer after operation

A. i know that the normal count is between 4.2 to 5.9 million cells/cmm. if you have anything else- i think this question should be to the Doctor...cause even if someone here will tell you it's ok that it's a bit low- the Doctor should know that and he has your chart with all your medical information. there for i would give him a phone call to ask if it's o.k. - unless you are in the normal average i told you, then you shouldn't worry about it.

Q. can i get a short explanation about white blood cells and their job? what does it mean if i have a insafition

A. White blood cells (WBC's) are the ones responsible for the immune system in the body. The white blood cell count rises in cases of infection, steroid use and other conditions. A low white blood cell count can have many causes, which need to be further evaluated by a doctor.

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Prior Information Notice: Separator blood corpuscles.
By contrast, the immature eggs sold by the sturgeon slaughterers are covered with blood corpuscles and follicle cells.