blood blister

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a vesicle, especially a bulla.
blood blister a vesicle having bloody contents, as may be caused by a pinch or bruise.
fever b's herpes febrilis.
water blister one with clear watery contents.
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blood blis·'ter

a blister containing blood; resulting from a pinch or crushing injury.
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blood blister

A collection of blood between the epidermis and dermis which is caused by minor skin trauma—e.g., a pinch or crushing injury.
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blood blister

Dermatology A collection of blood in a skin blister caused by minor skin trauma–eg, a pinch or crushing injury
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blood blis·ter

(blŭd blis'tĕr)
A blister containing blood; resulting from a pinch or crushing injury.
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BLOOD BLISTER: On the sole of the foot after cryotherapy for a plantar wart

blood blister

A small subcutaneous or intracutaneous extravasation of blood resulting from the rupture of blood vessels. See: illustration


A firm dressing should be applied with moderate pressure to prevent extravasation and hasten absorption of blood. In some cases it is desirable to puncture the wound aseptically and aspirate the contents.

See also: blister
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blood blister

A blister filled with blood.
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The following day a CT scan performed at CUH revealed Dr Long had suffered a blood blister brain aneurysm.
"He's got a blood blister but the hospital X-rays show there is nothing broken."
Gary Doherty has a blood blister on his heel and Clive Clarke, who has impressed at centre-back, has a calf injury, but both should play.
"If you're getting toenail bruises, blood blisters or other signs of compression, but only on one foot, have someone check each foot's size," Novella says.
Blood blisters of the oral mucosa (angina bullosa haemorrhagica).
"But by the Friday night she had blood blisters all over her mouth so we took her straight to A&E.
One of the most well-known signs is the meningitis rash - tiny red or brown pin-prick marks which can change into larger red or purple blotches and blood blisters.