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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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Thus the glow that surrounds Eugenia and the blondness of Edgar's masculinity fail to conceal those "baser" instincts of the Alabaster breed, and of ruling-class Victorian society more generally.
By manipulating the codes of blondness, they tell a subversive story of how they create themselves.
In truth, I envy her blondness, although Roger says he loves my "auburn mane."
Willem noticed Maria Crullers [...] because of the creaminess of her skin and the bright blondness of her curly hair; he was not bothered by the fact that she allowed others to taste the cream, since what he most valued in this period was ease and brevity of foreplay.
I AM a blonde and proud of it, even though I have to admit that nowadays my blondness is more to do with Ashleigh the highlighter from Darlington than with my natural birthright.
And I think you could probably correlate success with traits like blondness.
Warner rightly comments that 'blondness is less a descriptive term about hair pigmentation than a blazon in code, a piece of a value system that it is urgent to confront and analyse because its implications, in moral and social terms, are so dire and are still so unthinkingly embedded in the most ordinary, popular material of the imagination.' (35) The very danger of whiteness is precisely this historical, and culturally embedded, blanching process.
His body seemed almost too smooth and hard to be flesh, the rippling muscle beneath the skin perhaps a trick of the light, and even the shadowy armpits, revealed as he scrubbed the hood in a dreamy, circular motion, seeming smooth and sculpted with only a suggestion of silky hair, itself part of the universal blondness of Lawton's physical being at which Thom simply and endlessly stared in the way of homely gawkers at a museum.
In the moment, looking back, seeing a face and a demeanor coming together out of bits and pieces of films made over the last dozen years, it was as if--in the blandness, the disarming charm, the inscrutability, the menace, the blondness, moving with big, careful gestures inside a haze of sincerity--Walsh had been playing Clinton all along.
The cashier exposes too much leg for a lady of her years and her yellow-tinged blondness owes more to peroxide than the retained youthfulness.