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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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KEENE: You write of having wanted to remake yourself as "the blondest hair, bluest eyed" Chicano out there and of how you felt when the people in the barrio had begun to mock you, how you could not understand why you were trying to do this, how they saw right through you.
The hottest and blondest Bond of all time broke hearts across the world by running off and marrying the lucky Rachel Weisz in a secret New York ceremony.
Not just any sexy blonde Russian but Lana off Fair City, the sexiest, blondest Russian in the whole of Ireland?
Colour varies from the blondest of beachy looks to rich, warm metallics for darker hair.
When Popstars band, Hear'Say announced they were to split last year, their blondest member could have been forgiven for thinking "there'd be no more working for a week or two".