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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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And there's about as many shades of blond as there are complexions; there's tawny, beach blond, honey blond, goldilocks, strawberry blond, ash blond, and, of course, the blondest of the blond, platinum.
The blondest man of Irish pop took to the skies during his sell-out gigs at Wembley Arena - and flew the entire length of the auditorium.
But there's obviously much he misses of other Texans when he depicts them as the "blondest, the most blue-eyed, prettiest, richest, and biggest of all Americans."
Catherine isn't simply "the darkest white girl in the world," she is also "the blondest," with hair "just like ivory." Her dark skin always has to be counterpointed against the whiteness of sheets, her pearls, her clothes, or her hair.
KEENE: You write of having wanted to remake yourself as "the blondest hair, bluest eyed" Chicano out there and of how you felt when the people in the barrio had begun to mock you, how you could not understand why you were trying to do this, how they saw right through you.
the one-step blonding of Ultimate Blonde is designed to enable even women with medium brown hair to become the "blondest blondes."