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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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Manuela's jealousy over Claralie's blondeness, the Praline woman's distribution of her pink and brown wares, * the narrative mode of "Tony's Wife," which guides us so confidently from Tony's black brows to gleaming dirks and to whatever we think we know about Italians--all show how fully these stories engage cultural processes of invoking, reading, and determining racial signifiers.
The author uses blondeness to eroticize the character and give her a badge of shallowness.(4) Morse is the blonde built for amusement and display, a woman "of the type that incites some men when they use the word 'blonde' to click their tongues and wag their heads roguishly" (275).
Women who go blonde quickly get used to the privileges of blondeness - usually male attentiveness."
So, little by little, over the subsequent half decade, I've crept ever nearer to my preferred degree of blondeness, via the persistent application of highlights.
At least Jessica entertains with her batty blondeness. Poor wee Ashlee looks, and sounds, like another wannabe who probably never will.
With her trademark blondeness disguised, Meg discovered, possibly for the first time in her life, what it was like to fade into the background.
"The weird thing," continued my recently blonde interlocutor, "is how blondeness totally changes your arbitrary self-identification issues.
I was a white-haired child until I was about seven, when I started to enter the realms of said dirty blondeness.