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Examples of the blocking of different fronts, line stunts, and linebacker blitzes are shown in the diagrams.
The offensive players need simply follow their blocking rules to handle anything thrown at them.
Triad blocking isn't something new, but it still must be taught properly at achieve success with reasonable ease.
Its power blocking at the POA can be devastating if carried out correctly.
With the added blocking of the FB and Z back, the play has a much better chance of being successful.
A backside receiver runs a 20-25 yard crossing route to the opposite sideline and a third receiver runs what we call "slam and slide," blocking the DE and getting to the flat area late.
With an explosive start off the LOS, the WR can occupy the DB without even blocking him, so long as the DB thinks pass off of the LOS.
Next to his start, the receiver's angle off the LOS is the most important part of run blocking.
Everything is identical to the boot, except for two things: (1) the QB shortens his roll to set up behind the tackle, and (2) the TB, instead of blocking, continues down the sideline.
Another variation of the Boot Pass, this play looks very much like the previous one except that the FB, after blocking, sets for a screen.
This play is blocked like the typical inside FB trap, with the weak-side guard blocking the first defender past the center.