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Drug slang A regional term for a depressant; a regional term for 50mg Nembutal—pentobarbital capsules
Pharmacology A popular term for a drug that ‘corners’ the market for a particular disease, has a high price with little competition, or for which volume of sales is high
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But when Disney refused to deal, Blockbuster walked.
As chairman of Blockbuster, Fields wanted to aggressively expand the chain's store count in 1997.
In addition to hours of family entertainment, Blockbuster claims it will provide:
Ferry says the rental conversion rate was good enough that Blockbuster is even considering adding "whole computer stores" and electronic downloading to some of its outlets.
Pathmark supermarket runs a blockbuster section inserted into the Inquirer's total market coverage product, which is delivered by zip code.
So, okay, the legislature didn't give Blockbuster policing authority, much less a standing army.
Blockbuster is the world's largest film-rental chain with more than 7,500 stores across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
You'll need to be a member of your local Blockbuster to take part in the offer.
Now, Blockbuster wants to end rev sharing, and while no one at the studios will comment -- some, like Sony's Columbia TriStar Home Video are in the middle of negotiations, or will be soon -- their options are limited.
Some 25 Blockbuster stores are planned to open in the four new countries by 2004.
Rimanelli claims he went to Blockbusters and was told they didn't have it: They only had Andy Warhol's Dracula.