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, bloating (blōt, blōt'ing),
1. Abdominal distention from swallowed air or intestinal gas from fermentation.
2. Distention of the rumen of cattle, caused by the accumulation of gases of fermentation, particularly likely to occur when the animals are pastured on rich legume grasses; if unrelieved, the condition may quickly lead to death.
3. In dogs, gastric dilatation (dilation) or bloat may progress to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), an often life-threatening torsion of the stomach resulting in circulatory compromise to the organ. The spleen may also be drawn into a torsion. Simple bloat (dilatations) are more common in deep-chested large or giant breed dogs.


A lay term for post-prandial abdominal fullness or swelling, usually understood to mean due to retention of gas in the stomach or GI tract.


Vox populi A lay term for post-prandial abdominal fullness or swelling


, bloating (blōt, blōt'ing)
Abdominal distention due to swallowed air or intestinal gas.

Patient discussion about bloating

Q. why do i have gas and bloating my bowels are weird and my stomach is sour also. i have pain in the top of my stomach

A. There are many different things that can cause them. Do you also suffer from diarrhea? Do you have diabetes? Do you have pain that is relieved by eating or after going to the bathroom?

Among the more common causes there are IBS (, diabetes, malabsorption (e.g. lactose intolerance or celiac, all of these, unfortunately, can't be diagnosed over the net, so if it keeps bothering you or if you have warning sign (such as Nocturnal abdominal pain (sleep awakening), Weight loss, Blood in the stool , Severely tender abdomen , Succussion splash , Fever , Vomiting , fatty diarrhea , New onset diarrhea) you should see a doctor.

Q. Why am I feeling so bloated all the time? I did a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out negative, i have been experiencing a bunch of symptoms that relate to pregnancy and the spotting on and off has started wondering if i should do another test and see what comes out of it..

A. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Either because their own limitations or because limitation of the use of them (e.g. testing too early, misunderstanding the instructions etc.). You may try to do the pregnancy test again and see the results now. Anyway, even if you receive positive results in the second test, it should be validated by a test performed by a doctor.

You can read more about pregnancy tests here:

Take care,

Q. has anyone expierienced extreme bloating from diverticulitus and what can you do to get relief?

A. what do you mean in bloating? do you have constipation? i know that my father has diverticulitis, he had a surgery , very scary times.
but he is O.K. now, eat alot of fibers, drink alot of fluids and doing daily exercise (past 2 and a half years now). and he feels great. much much better.

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Cravings for salt and sugar reportedly lead women to overindulge, increasing the waistline and resulting in indigestion, bloating and distention.
It's difficult to cover everything when there are so many and varied causes of bloating but this is hopefully a good starting point.
Remember that the probiotic drinks are often high in sugar which is not good for bloating.
Gluten intolerance is a more common cause of bloating than previously realized (see story, page 1).
That means we won't digest our food well and wind and bloating are a common side effect of this.
Diet can be a major cause of bloating - too much salt is a sure-fire way to ensure your tummy resembles that of a woman carrying twins.
VISICOL Tablets are virtually taste-free, can be taken with any clear liquid such as water, lemonade or ginger ale, and have been proven to be associated with significantly less nausea, vomiting and bloating than the leading, currently-available, prescribed class of liquid bowel preparations.
Taking in more water will also flush out excess toxins to reduce bloating.
DMany contain sorbitol, a common sweetener which can cause bloating and problems in those with sensitive stomachs.
It seems most of us don't - as almost all (97%) women in the North West are unaware that bloating most days for three weeks or more is linked with ovarian cancer.
DESPERATE Emma was at the end of her tether after eight years of suffering from acne, extreme constipation and bloating.
Weight gain, swelling and heaviness of the breasts and abdominal bloating are also symptoms.