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, bloating (blōt, blōt'ing),
1. Abdominal distention from swallowed air or intestinal gas from fermentation.
2. Distention of the rumen of cattle, caused by the accumulation of gases of fermentation, particularly likely to occur when the animals are pastured on rich legume grasses; if unrelieved, the condition may quickly lead to death.
3. In dogs, gastric dilatation (dilation) or bloat may progress to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), an often life-threatening torsion of the stomach resulting in circulatory compromise to the organ. The spleen may also be drawn into a torsion. Simple bloat (dilatations) are more common in deep-chested large or giant breed dogs.


Abdominal distention due to swallowed air or intestinal gas production.

bloat′ed (blō′tĭd) adj.


Etymology: ME, blout
a swelling or filling with gas, such as distension of the abdomen that results from swallowed air or from intestinal gas. The stomach on percussion will have a tympanic sound.


, bloating (blōt, blōt'ing)
Abdominal distention due to swallowed air or intestinal gas.


1. tympany of the rumen, abomasum, stomach or cecum. See also ruminal tympany.
2. enteritis in young rabbits accompanied by distention of the abdomen.

gastric bloat
see gastric dilatation colic, gastric dilatation-volvulus.
bloat line
appears at the point at which the cervical esophagus becomes the thoracic. At this line the engorged esophageal mucosa of the neck becomes the pallid mucosa of the thorax.
primary bloat
ruminal tympany caused by frothiness of the ruminal contents.
secondary bloat
ruminal tympany secondary to physical or functional obstruction of the esophagus.
bloat whistle
a device for temporarily relieving a cow with chronic bloat from dangerous overdistention. The bottom half of the device shaped as a flanged cannula is slipped into the rumen through a slit incision in the left flank. The small end of the cannula protrudes through the abdominal wall and is secured into place by slipping the top half of the device over it and screwing it tight.

Patient discussion about bloat

Q. why do i have gas and bloating my bowels are weird and my stomach is sour also. i have pain in the top of my stomach

A. There are many different things that can cause them. Do you also suffer from diarrhea? Do you have diabetes? Do you have pain that is relieved by eating or after going to the bathroom?

Among the more common causes there are IBS (, diabetes, malabsorption (e.g. lactose intolerance or celiac, all of these, unfortunately, can't be diagnosed over the net, so if it keeps bothering you or if you have warning sign (such as Nocturnal abdominal pain (sleep awakening), Weight loss, Blood in the stool , Severely tender abdomen , Succussion splash , Fever , Vomiting , fatty diarrhea , New onset diarrhea) you should see a doctor.

Q. Why am I feeling so bloated all the time? I did a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out negative, i have been experiencing a bunch of symptoms that relate to pregnancy and the spotting on and off has started wondering if i should do another test and see what comes out of it..

A. Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Either because their own limitations or because limitation of the use of them (e.g. testing too early, misunderstanding the instructions etc.). You may try to do the pregnancy test again and see the results now. Anyway, even if you receive positive results in the second test, it should be validated by a test performed by a doctor.

You can read more about pregnancy tests here:

Take care,

Q. has anyone expierienced extreme bloating from diverticulitus and what can you do to get relief?

A. what do you mean in bloating? do you have constipation? i know that my father has diverticulitis, he had a surgery , very scary times.
but he is O.K. now, eat alot of fibers, drink alot of fluids and doing daily exercise (past 2 and a half years now). and he feels great. much much better.

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Why such intransigence, despite report upon report targeting bloat as one of the schools' most pressing problems?
Welsh farmers experiencing higher than average losses of cattle to bloat this month are being urged to avoid grazing pastures with high clover content at peak risk times.
National Animal Disease Information Service vet Mike Howe says bloat is one of the most common causes of death in adult cattle at grass.
Mr Howe, who is based in Pembrokeshire, says it was much more effective to prevent bloat than to treat affected animals.
Pastures with a history of bloat problems or with a high clover content should not be used for cows soon after turnout.
2 Cut back on salt It bloats you and encourages your body to hold onto excess water, giving you a swollen stomach.