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Drug slang A regional term for a white cloud around a pipe being puffed with cocaine
Public health A storm characterised by heavy driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold covering a wide area
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As part of the Blizzard's year-long 20th birthday bash, DQ also has launched a new Blizzard Fan Club Web site at http://www.
So Taiki Blizzard has been accompanied to Canada by a companion horse that even goes to the track with him for gallops.
pdf) junction filed Monday , Blizzard claimed that, by defaulting, Bossland is intentionally stalling to avoid investigation into the company's international practices.
On New York's Fire Island, a restaurant and three houses collapsed during the blizzard and washed out to sea, said Jay Lippert, a ranger at the Fire Island National Seashore.
EDT - The DDoS attack against servers of gaming company Blizzard Entertainment that began around 5:30 a.
Blizzard Entertainment launched the Legion update for its "World of Warcraft" video game on Tuesday morning, and less than a couple of hours later, servers for the wildly popular video game began being hit by DDoS attacks.
Players who preordered "Overwatch" had early access to the beta, but Blizzard did not disclose the total number of players who participated in the beta who also purchased the game.