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This dish filled the room with a welcoming aroma, and was served for patrons nice and hot, warming them up during the blistery, cold night.
And what better way is there to pass the time on a blistery lonely night floating somewhere in the Norwegian Sea than to power up the ole Macbook and surf the web?
The spots proliferate, becoming spongy, blistery masses of any shape or size.
The truth came out after we had travelled home and the mark started to bubble and blister, and was joined by lots of other, little bubbly and blistery friends that stretched up one side of my neck and face, and into my hair.
THERE was not to be a repeat of City's recent free-flowing football due to the blistery conditions which spoilt this match.
Sounds of thwackety choppers, idling engines and whirring props punctuate the blistery air.
From my ankle to about half way up the shin of my right leg, the skin is very rough and seems blistery.