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1. The formation of vesicles. Synonym(s): blistering, vesication
2. Presence of a number of vesicles.
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Producing a blister or blisters: a blistering agent.

blis′ter·ing·ly adv.
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1. The formation of vesicles.
Synonym(s): blistering, vesication.
2. Synonym(s): inflation.
3. Presence of a number of vesicles.
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Patient discussion about blistering

Q. What's the best treatment for a blister?

A. use a clean needle and poke a small hole right at the base, between normal skin and the blister. Push the blister down, allow it to drain completely and put a bandaid over it; don't ever rip off blister skin allow it to fall off or reattach naturally.

Q. What are the causes of viral blisters on the skin? For a few months now I've been having these hard viral blisters on my fingers. The only way to get rid of them is with freezed carbon. It does go away with that treatment- after a few weeks but then a new one appears. How can I prevent it from "attacking" again??

A. These viral blisters you are describing are caused by HPV (papilloma virus), and are very hard to get rid of without treatment with freezed carbon. Many of us have the virus but not everyone gets the actual infection. There is not a proved way of preventing from it to happen again after treatment, unfortunately..

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"The Vale of Ffestiniog Way is an eighteen-mile walk of blisteringly great history and wildlife that goes up one side of the vale then on to the highlands behind Manod dropping into Blaenau Ffestiniog and down along the other side of the valley to rejoin the coast path near Harlech," he said.
This is a fantastic way to cap off our 75th year of creating cars that are both blisteringly fast and incredibly beautiful," he added.
Their journey is hardly easy as they deal with both blisteringly hot summers and brutal winters, before finally stopping and observing a historic cathedral.
by 20.08 in., so the spindle can get from point A to B blisteringly fast.
At that point Gordon-Levitt's hard shell cracks, and the violence and anguish that the young man and the film have long held back come spilling out in a blisteringly painful sequence.
This blisteringly vivid account of the Chicago fire of 1871 holds the listener in thrall from the very beginning.
This blisteringly good new release crackles with musical excitement.
Now they must endure either their victors or Barcelona - for whom they've no particular love - lifting the trophy in their stadium on what will be a blisteringly hot, sultry Sevilla evening.
Also on offer were i-Pace, F-Types, F-Pace, e-Pace, XE, XF, Velars, Discovery sports and a selection of Range Rovers - including the blisteringly quick (and expensive) Range Rover SVR.
It is promised that Scott will take us on an odyssey charting the choppy waters of youth in a blisteringly funny hour about the escapism and hedonism of travel.