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We made a clinical diagnosis of blistering distal dactylitis (BDD), a condition typically caused by infection with Gram-positive bacteria.
Blistering distal dactylitis: a clinically recognizable streptococcal infection.
Blistering distal dactylitis: a manifestation of group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal infection.
Is blistering distal dactylitis a variant of bullous impetigo?
Blistering distal dactylitis: a case series in children under nine months of age.
* Blistering distal dactylitis, mostly caused by group A 13-hemolytic streptococci, is a bacterial infection that manifests as a tense bullae over the anterior fat pad of the volar aspect of the distal part of a single finger (or rarely a toe); diagnosis is usually confirmed by culture.