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agents (such as sarin and VX), blister agents (such as mustard gas),
Incineration of the more deadly nerve agents - sarin, completed in 2007, and VX, completed in 2009 - came first, followed by weapons containing mustard blister agents.
chemical-weapon stockpile includes bombs, rockets, mortars, projectiles, land mines and spray tanks filled with blister agent or one of the nerve agents.
"Amnesty accuses Sudan of using chemical weapons in Darfur WORLD NEWS | Thu Sep 29, 2016 | 1:58pm BST Sudan's government has carried out at least 30 likely chemical weapons attacks in the Jebel Marra area of Darfur since January using what two experts concluded was a probable blister agent, Amnesty International said on Thursday.
The fabric will be able to block chemical threats like sulfur mustard (a blister agent), GD and VX nerve agents, toxins such as staphylococcal enterotoxin, and even spores like anthrax.
"In the time ISIS has had to solidify its position, the terrorist organization has developed chemical weapons, including sulfur mustard, a blister agent, and mustard gas," he said in a ( statement to the Hill . "This proliferation and increased use of chemical weapons is dangerous and violates all standards of humanity.
That was different from using a chemical weapons, such as a nerve or blister agent, as defined by international treaties, the report said.
Danish troops said the shells tested positive for blister agent, according to Amann.
The 36 shells were thought to contain a blister agent, but tests have proved negative.
Elsewhere, Danish and Icelandic troops uncovered a cache of 36 shells buried in the Iraqi desert, and preliminary tests showed they contained a liquid blister agent, the Danish military said.
In Iraq, Allied troops have uncovered 36 shells containing a liquid blister agent. They are thought to have been buried after the Iran-Iraq war in 1988.