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The patent-pending Blinks charms utilize a unique clip design that lets wearers affix them to straps without damaging clothing.
Consider this along with other blink insights: that liars blink less often while stretching the truth; that, according to some research, winning presidential candidates blink less during debates than their destined-to-lose opponents (hmmm, what's that bit about liars again?
Despite the recognition that dopaminergic activity plays a central role in cognitive functions, few studies have addressed the relationship between the blink rate and neurocognitive functions.
But after statistically filtering out that strong signal, the researchers found that between 23 and 31 per cent of blinks were synchronised when watching the silent movie.
SCIENTISTS have discovered our brains shut down every time we blink.
The NIBUT is the amount of time (in seconds) that passes between your last complete blink and the instant you experience ocular discomfort.
This graph lets you plot the number of blinks per minute.
For example, if you're driving in city traffic you will blink less often than when charging along an interstate straightaway.
And we blink so often that the average adult's brain is affected for a total of nine days every year.
On satellite TV, Sky lunchtime newsreader Mark Longhurst blinks every 1.
They clocked one Japanese female TV news presenter at an incredible 176 blinks a minute.