blinding glare

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blind·ing glare

glare resulting from excessive illumination.
Synonym(s): veiling glare
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As he spoke, he was lighting another piece of the magnesium ribbon, which made a blinding glare in which everything was plainly discernible, down to the smallest detail.
Sometimes, he saw the man upon the bed, by a red light; sometimes, by a blue; sometimes, he scarcely saw him in the darkness of the storm; sometimes he saw nothing of him in the blinding glare of palpitating white fire.
"The key word is diffused--no blinding glare, no hot spots and no sharp shadow lines.
Robson took more than a year to come to terms with the pressure of life under the blinding glare of the spotlight but, when he did, he swiftly emerged as a United legend.
As they step outdoors, their eyes shielding from the blinding glare by welding glasses, I can almost hear residents bellowing: "Thanks a bunch, Dave." Passing motorists must also gasp in awe shortly before careering into hedges.
Parked a million miles from Earth in a gravitationally stable location, the HD ST would also have devices--a coronagraph and perhaps also a star shade--that would so effectively block a star's blinding glare as to allow astronomers to directly image exoplanets orbiting that star.
They have not, though compelling controversies have taken center stage, hogging the limelight and casting such a blinding glare that now hides the DAP's illegality behind the darkest shadows.
This holds good as much for those seminars held in the blinding glare of cameras in five-star hotels by civil society groups and non-governmental organisations as for the conclaves mounted by think tanks and the likes.
Believe that and your imagination then had to stretch as far as to believe that part of that plan would involve Murtagh handing over this mystery device in the winner's enclosure to the trainer's daughter, Sarah, where again the connections would risk being caught by the blinding glare of television and still cameras capturing every millisecond of Royal Ascot action.
Dignified in the way he dealt with his marriage difficulties in the blinding glare of the public eye.
All you have to do, Is open your eyes GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington Life force Before her eyes is a work of art Bronze flesh on a bed of emerald grass Soft perfumed blossoms dance on trees Against the blinding glare of sun on glass White clouds in a Technicolor sky Chasing dreams that are never found While radios tell their cricket scores To sun drenched bodies on the ground The woman absorbed the enchanting sight Of flowers standing strong; erect And breathed the day through every pore Inviting the aura to interject Her thoughtful eyes and sleepy smile Concealing a volcanic; living Spirit trapped in tingling flesh Her motor now libido driven Sounds of birds in harmony A refreshing, cool, caressing breeze All sweep her melted inhibitions Far away on days like these.
"Ordinary tinted sunglasses can reduce light transmittance but will not stop blinding glare."