blinded experiment

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blind·ed ex·per·i·ment

(blīnd'ed eks-pĕr'i-ment)
An investigation in which information is withheld from the subject, the researcher, or both, in order to minimize the risk of bias.
See also: double blind experiment; single blind experiment
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His doctor has told him that the study will be a well designed, controlled and blinded experiment, and that John has a 50-50 chance of receiving the active drug or a "sham" treatment which is being tested for comparison.
Blinded experiments using both animal models showed that pretreatment with meclizine dramatically reduced ischemic damage to cardiac cells in the heart attack model and to brain cells in the stroke model.
Six laboratories in France, Italy, Israel and Canada duplicated the elaborate series of blinded experiments, which involved diluting the antibody solution, labeling cells and detecting degranulation after exposure to the solution.