blind testing

blind testing,

n a clinical trial in which participants are unaware of whether they are in the experimental or control group of the study. Also called
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I'm fascinated by the concept of blind testing and how many of our purchases are driven by the branding and marketing rather than the quality/ taste/fit of the product.
Blind testing of field and lab samples will be conducted through September, 2015, at three different sites in the US.
The aim of this project is to improve the Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis data available for Scotch beef, to allow blind testing of uncooked beef to establish the authenticity of beef labelled as ~Scotch~.
But is the legacy blind testing protocol still appropriate?
Blind testing, meanwhile, simulates the actions and procedures of a real attacker by severely limiting the information given to the person or team that's performing the test beforehand.
The author also explains how she uses ah integrated approach comprising experimentation, blind testing and data analysis in order to reach informed interpretations that could be applied to archaeological material.
The survey involved blind testing after the product demonstration of almost 230 consumers across both shutter glass (SG) type and FPR type 3D monitor with respondents viewing a series of 3D video clips on each screen.
scrutinised 12 oils in a blind testing and products from Aldi and Lidl landed in the top three, both costing just 33p per 100ml.
Sainsbury's also actively promoted the quality of its own brand, featuring its tomato ketchup heavily in the campaign with the message that not only was it 20% cheaper than the leading brand, it also had 33% more tomatoes, 65% less salt and 20% less sugar, and was voted tastier than its branded equivalent in blind testing.
We did blind testing and, without exception, our vodka was judged cleaner and purer than any other vodka on the market," gushed Gail.
The blind testing process, performed by a panel of Master Chefs, focused on the functional, qualitative and organoleptic product properties of the cooking oil.
The exam includes a written test and blind testing, which is contingent upon the aspirant's accurate knowledge of tea variety and region.