blind study

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blind stud·y

a study in which the observer is unaware of which individuals or group is subject to the treatment or procedure variables.
See also: blind test.
Synonym(s): blind test
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Clinical research A trial in which participants—the subject or the investigator (or both)—are unaware as to whether they are in the experimental or control arm of the study
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These included a mini eye test, blind spot test, colour blind test and optical illusions, with the latter being the girls' favourite.
The company is teasing the camera on the OnePlus 6 in a blind test of camera samples taken from the best flagship smartphone cameras so far.
Science has steadily eroded that glamour for several years, through blind test studies that have explored whether"Strads" really are superior.
Watsons ran us through the same blind test they use for all consumers in their stores.
The PS4.37 tipple beat thousands of others in a blind test of 16,000 wines to win best in show at the Decanter World Wine Awards.
The softness has been verified in both laboratory and consumer tests." In a blind test Libero Touch achieved outstanding results with eight out of 10 parents agreeing that our product was softer than the competitor's product," says Holmberg.
Hyundai has hired the professional racer Rhys Millen together with the stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood to take part in the video that demonstrates the vehicle's four safety features in a series of short action film called "Blind Test Drive." The video begins with six stunt drivers on board the 2015 Hyundai Genesis where they were instructed to set the advanced smart cruise control with the automatic emergency braking.
Collected human serum samples were divided into two sets: one was the biomarker discovery set for the establishment of classification standards (training set), and the other blind test set was for the independent validation of the biomarkers and classification standards.
The researchers used DNA barcoding to conduct a blind test of the authenticity for: (i) 44 herbal products representing 12 companies and 30 different species of herbs; and (ii) 50 leaf samples collected from 42 herbal species.
"They had done a blind test where they took certain voices from previous interviews and matched them with the character," Katy explains.
Keith, 69, was top in a blind test by online retailer BBC with voters asked to choose between a series of cherished voices but without saying to whom they belonged.
These coffees were then submitted to a final blind test in the coffee laboratory of the ACS by a jury panel of trade experts who selected the top five natural coffees and the top five semi-washed coffees.