blind study

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blind stud·y

a study in which the observer is unaware of which individuals or group is subject to the treatment or procedure variables.
See also: blind test.
Synonym(s): blind test
Clinical research A trial in which participants—the subject or the investigator (or both)—are unaware as to whether they are in the experimental or control arm of the study


not having the sense of sight. See also blindness.

double blind trial
an experiment in which the identity of the animals in the treatment and control groups is unknown to the experimenter and in addition the assessment of the results is done without the animals' identities being known to the experimenter. Called also blind study.
blind experiment
the identities of the animals that are in the treatment and the control groups are unknown to the experimenter until the end of the trial.
blind snakes
blind spot
the area marking the site of entrance of the optic nerve on the retina; it is not sensitive to light.
blind staggers
see dummy.
blind study
see double blind trial (above).
blind teat
see blind teat.
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The Double Blind Study Also Showed Significant Improvements in the Reduction of Blood Glucose, Following a Glucose Load, in Those Taking the Product versus a Placebo
Further evidence that statin drugs may help in the fight against Alzheimer's disease has been provided by a prospective double blind study of Alzheimer's disease patients published in the current issue of the Archives of Neurology (May, 2005; 62:753-7).