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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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The storm also blew off a huge portion of the roof at SK Danau Kota 1 as seen in pictures that went viral.
The three men were in a rented house in Bangkok when an explosion blew off the roof.
He said that the victim, called Mustapha Mutlaq Saleh, was coming out of his house on his way for work, when an explosive charge blew off when he drove is pick-up, killing him on the spot an destroying his car.
One lane of Leeds Street, at the junction with Old Hall Street, was closed after two large metal panels blew off the Littlewoods Computer Suite building.
About 25 fire firefighters joined chemists and engineers after the lid of a drum of iso-cyanic acid blew off at Shanks Chemicals, in Forge Lane, Minworth.
"We're betting on the UN, who we blew off and ridiculed during the run-up to the war....
In October 2000, workers blasting soft to widen a highway near Tel Aviv blew off the top a cave that had been covered by dirt for thousands of years.
SURGEONS were last night fighting to save the hand of an eight-year-old girl after a firework blew off four of her fingers.
Neighbour Agnes Burniston, 48, said: "Our house was trembling and a couple of doors from the kitchen cupboards blew off.
ILOILO CITY -- Operations of the Kalibo International Airport (KIA) were suspended before 3 p.m.Thursday after a passenger plane from Korea got stuck on the tarmac when one of its tires blew off while landing, Martin Terre, KIA manager, said.
"An explosive charge blew off in front of a house of an employee in Kirkuk's Hawija township, called Marwan Ghassan Matar early on Sunday, seriously wounding him and injuring one of his family members, along with causing damage to the house," Lt-Brigadier, SarhadQader told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.