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Referring to the lacy neurofibrillary material present in the center of the rosettes of neuroblastomas, ganglioneuroblastomas and benign ganglioneuromas, which corresponds to 6–10-nm cytoplasmic filaments, cell processes with microtubules, rare dense core granules, synaptic vesicles, cell junction material
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CATRIONA MATTHEW blew away the cobwebs yesterday before inching past former world No.2 Grace Park to reach the second round of the Sybase Match-play Championships at Gladstone, New Jersey.
Tries by Jamie Heaslip and Tomas O'Leary and 16 points from Ronan O'Gara ensured it was a comfortable but frustrating victory which blew away the cobwebs.
DESPITE so much band history and fan expectation to live up to, Journey's new vocalist Arnel Pineda blew away the cobwebs of 70s and 80s rock with a performance that belied his youth and lack of serious stage time.