blepharitis marginalis

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bleph·a·ri·tis mar·gi·na·'lis

inflammation of the margins of the eyelids.
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(blef?ar-i'tis) [? + itis, inflammation]
Ulcerative or nonulcerative inflammation of the hair follicles and glands along the edges of the eyelids.


The eyelids become red, tender, and sore with sticky exudate and dry or waxy scales on the edges; there may be itching or burning, watering of the eyes and loss of eyelashes. Styes and meibomian cysts are associated with the condition.


The ulcerative type is usually caused by infection with staphylococci. The cause of the nonulcerative type is often unknown; it may be due to allergy or exposure to dust, smoke, or irritating chemicals, or in association with seborrhea of the scalp, eyebrows and ears.

Patient care

Patients are taught how to keep their scalp, eyebrows, and eyelids clean and to avoid rubbing their eyes with their hands. Warm compresses four times a day, lid hygiene, and antibiotic ointment at bedtime will improve symptoms with two weeks. In severe cases, systemic antibiotics are indicated, with culture of the lid margin and antibiotic sensitivity studies are used to determine the appropriate regimen.

angular blepharitis

An infection often involving the lateral canthus of the eyelid. Often caused by the bacterium Moraxella

blepharitis ciliaris

Inflammation affecting the ciliary margins of the eyelids. Synonym: blepharitis marginalis

blepharitis marginalis

Blepharitis ciliaris.

blepharitis parasitica

Blepharitis caused by parasites such as mites or lice.

seborrheic blepharitis

A nonulcerative form of blepharitis in which waxy scales form on the eyelids. It is usually associated with seborrheic dermatitis of the surrounding skin.

blepharitis squamosa

Chronic blepharitis with scaling.

blepharitis ulcerosa

Blepharitis with ulceration.
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