Bleeding Heart

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Quackery Dicentra formosa A floral essence said to provide emotional freedom and facilitate unconditional love
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Clinton's decision last summer to sign the welfare bill on the White House lawn with two black welfare recipients at his side epitomized the demise of "bleeding-heart liberalism."
Even SSA researchers rule out more bleeding-heart answers such as a worsening economy driving more disabled into penury.
Yet the only evidence that Mead offers is a cursory examination of some successful WIN offices in New York state where the local staff "rejected "bleeding-heart, livingroom liberals' or "suzie social workers' who try to shield their clients from the labor market.' In fact, Mead's model of benevolent authority is--amazingly enough--"nuns teaching in parochial schools.
Our lily-livered politicians haven't the guts to stand up to all those bleeding-heart do-gooders
As a bleeding-heart liberal, my initial reaction was to say if they're going for segregation, what about a special ward for white lard-buckets who only get out of bed to go to the nearest Mecca and shout "house".
Instead they truffle around for root causes - the ultimate fashion accessory for the bleeding-heart. Which means bombers are blameless.
First Minister Jack McConnell is trying to tackle the yob culture but faces strong opposition from bleeding-heart liberals who know about youth crime in theory but not in practice.
Once again a bleeding-heart British judge has chosen to put the criminal first.