bleeding polyp

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vas·cu·lar pol·yp

a bulging or protruding angioma of the nasal mucous membrane.
Synonym(s): bleeding polyp


Invasion of the nasal cavity or, occasionally, the conjunctiva or other superficial structures by Rhinosporidium seeberi, resulting in a chronic granulomatous disease producing bleeding polyps or other forms of hyperplasia on mucous membranes; it is found principally in India and Sri Lanka.
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bleeding polyp

Any of several distinct pathological entities:
(1) Polypoid hemangioma. 
(2) A protuberant haemangioma of the nasal mucosa. 
(3) A nonspecific term for any polyp that bleeds easily.
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bleeding polyp

An angioma of the nasal mucous membrane.
See also: polyp
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