Bleeding Heart

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Quackery Dicentra formosa A floral essence said to provide emotional freedom and facilitate unconditional love
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For Pam Baergen, Bleeding Heart's artistic director, the gallery's greatest impact is in creating a community with space for both faith and art.
On the other hand, we humanists are often ridiculed as bleeding hearts for our edict affirming the inherent worth and dignity of each human being.
For example, the 10-minute exposure needed by bleeding hearts kills seeds of the first smoker plant he found, the whispering bell, which needs just a minute of smoke.
In my garden, the red bleeding heart bush made it through our long winter.
But then Bleeding Heart Pigeons aren't an act who have ever followed the typical path to stardom.
Their prime motivation appears to be to appease their Lib Dem partners, and the bleeding heart civil liberties lobby, whist ignoring advice of the security services at the sharp end of the campaign against terror.
Pretty in pink: Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding heart)
JIMI HENDRIX Bleeding Heart New single from Valleys Of Neptune, rare, unreleased Hendrix recordings from 1969.
ROBIN Ince has supported Ricky Gervais twice and heads to Coventry on Sunday with his stand-up show Bleeding Heart Liberal, mixing up stories of childbirth, astronomy, evolutionary conundrums and a to-do with Vanessa Feltz with readings from his favourite charity shop finds at the Warwick Arts Centre date.
LOVE is in the air at Redcar's Kirkleatham Owl Centre - but one feathered friend is nursing a bleeding heart.
Not for her the bleeding heart celeb interview or the round of chat show moaning, just a determination to get on with the jobs what a trooper.
WHEN are the bleeding heart motorists going to come to their senses?