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Sofia Coppola tries in the beautiful blankness of this story of a young queen lost in translation.
I've been in offices--insurance companies, title companies--and felt this terrible weight of blankness and despair.
This 'nothing' however, is not nihilistic blankness, but the vibrant, potent matrix of all phenomena, ourselves included.
My wife and I have not been blessed with a child, but I couldn't imagine the horror of watching a child wither away--or perhaps worse, linger in the blankness of coma.
Not a single smile flickered across the Royal coupon anyway as she gazed in blankness at the proceedings unfolding before her in the Scottish Parliament yesterday.
While waiting on breakfast, we discovered the sole visual representation of African America to be found in the public areas of the house: a portrait of an elderly black woman wearing spectacles, a white bonnet, and a look of determined blankness.
At night they will also cut out the blankness of the dark sky and create a warmer feel.
It is hardly surprising, then, that Brits like Robert Hamer and Seth Holt, directors who died prematurely and who left behind only the odd, glittering fragment, also possess the magic of blankness.
This blankness seems strangely like the tabula rasa, the yet unwritten page of poetry, and my suspicion is strengthened by Doty's insistence that "The poem wants the impossible" and that "the poem wants a name.
I always feel an acute sense of loss when I reach the last page of a book, blankness.
If anything, he understates the vacuity of current relativistic `nominalism', with its gaping blankness on both scientific discourse, a refinement of the common language which unequivocally makes truth-claims, and a pragmatic social discourse like jurisprudence, which has real-world consequences, as in the area of natural rights (both would have interested Langland because, like poetry, both were concerned with treuthe).
Gene discovers passionate, emotional heights along with loyalty and friendship; he discovers corresponding depths of insecurity and anxiety; the guilt and shame of betrayal; and the blankness of loss.