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Regional drug slang for heroin
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But the alco-entertainment rudder is steering me towards whites these days, setting me on an ever more narrow course as I make my way through less well-known blanco grapes.
Campo Viejo Viura-Tempranillo Blanco 2016 (PS8, Tesco, Ocado) What little oak used here goes largely unnoticed on the palate apart from adding a little weight and rounding off the fruit.
Los elefantes blancos adquieren ese color a causa de sus largas vidas.
In October, the Blancos and Colorados together beat the FA in 15 of the country's 19 departments.
According to Lance Cutler, author of The Tequila Lover's Guide To Mexico (see and one of few American tequila experts, Mexicans prefer reposado over anejo, with blanco a distant third, but high-end thrill seekers in the U.S.