bladder worm

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bladder worm

The bladderlike, encysted larva of the tapeworm that is characteristic of the cysticercus stage.
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1. An elongated invertebrate belonging to one of the following phyla: Platyhelminthes (flatworms); Nemathelminthes or Aschelminthes (roundworms or threadworms); Acanthocephala (spinyheaded worms); and Annelida (Annulata) (segmented worms). Synonym: helminth
2. Any small, limbless, creeping animal.
3. The median portion of the cerebellum.
4. Any wormlike structure.

bladder worm

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GUINEA WORM : Guinea worm being removed from ulcer

guinea worm

A nematode worm (Dracunculus medinensis) that is a parasite affecting subcutaneous tissues of humans and animals, found in tropical Africa and South Asia. The worm causes infection when its larvae are drunk in unfiltered or unsanitary water. The larvae enter the body through the stomach or duodenum, migrate through internal organs, and become adults. After mating, the adult female burrows to the subcutaneous tissue, often of the leg. The worm has been eradicated in Asia. See: Medina worm
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herring worm

Anisakis simplex.

Medina worm

Guinea worm.

nodular worm

The common name of worms of the genus Oesophagostomum.

proboscis worm


spiny-headed worm


thorny-headed worm

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bladder worm

the CYSTICERCUS larva of a tapeworm.
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